Profit Sharing Program

March 3, 2018

The goal of Indigen, besides offering you a chance to participate in the exciting world of cryptocurrencies that could bring you a bright future for you and your children, is also to give you an income opportunity that is stable, realistic and achievable.


One of the main reasons why a lot of companies in the network or affiliate marketing business never last a long time is because of the income opportunity or compensation program that they introduced is impossible to sustain. One example of such is a program that promises daily or monthly interest in the investments of its participants.


Here at Indigen, we believe in generosity as well as sustainability. You can’t be too generous with an unsustainable pay plan. However, you can’t be too safe with the pay plan while being too greedy to your members. For a program to be successful, it must be a combination of doable procedures and balanced income distribution.


Power of Technology and Marketing Combined


Based on my experience in the cryptospace, one of the challenges of cryptocurrencies (either in ICO or not) is how to meet the expectations of their coin holders and avoid frustrations when market prices go down the charts. All of us of course want the value of our coins to moon, but due to the volatile nature of cryptocurrency, we can’t always expect that to happen.


Likewise, with every coin that launches an ICO, the only way for the participants to reap the rewards is to wait until the coin lands on an exchange and the value goes up. Otherwise, they will just end up frustrated.


So given my 18 years of experience in network marketing as a developer of MLM systems, I learned a lot about the various compensation programs and what makes them exciting or not, and what makes them safe or risky.


Combining my knowledge on the profitability of cryptocurrencies with the power of network marketing, I came up with Indigen Affiliate Program so that all our coin holders, while waiting for Indigen Exchange to be launched and profit from their IDG coins, they can already earn income through the referral system put in place. Which so far, the growth in the number of our affiliates shows that ours is a simple but effective income opportunity program.


Today, we are making our program even better and easier to earn from, with the launch of our Profit Sharing Program.


How It Works


In order to participate in our Profit Sharing Program, you must purchase either a Silver or Gold package. You will get more IDG per package plus you get Profit Shares. Your Profit Shares, plus the amount of IDG you keep in your online wallet, will determine the amount of dividends you will get from our Global Pooled Funds.


Every week, we distribute the Global Pooled Funds to all our affiliates prorated with the amount of Profit Shares you have and the total IDG you keep in your wallet. 


Profit Shares (PS)


For each Silver package worth $20 that you purchase, you will get 3 shares. The Gold package worth $220 will give you 66 shares.


If you refer other Silver affiliates, you will get additional 1 share per affiliate, while for Gold affiliates, you will get 11 shares additional for each referral you make.


(March 2018 Promotions: New Gold affiliates will get 99 shares, and 22 shares for the Sponsor).


Global Pooled Fund (GPF) and Charity Fund (CF)


With every Silver or Gold package bought, 10% goes to the GPF and the same amount goes to our CF which will be used in our charity projects and various outreach programs. Once Indigen will have other sources of income, we will also contribute certain amount to the GPF. So your earnings will not be limited to package purchases only, but also with various revenues that Indigen will generate in the future.


Global Profit Shares (GPS)


GPS is basically the sum of all Profit Shares (PS) issued to all affiliates. So the GPS will increase while more affiliates come on board who purchase a Silver or Gold package.


Income Share (IS) Formula


To calculate your weekly dividends in our Profit Sharing Program, the following formula is used:


IS = ((GPF ÷ GPS ) x PS) x (IDGb ÷ IDGt)


Where IDGb is the remaining IDG balance in your wallet, and IDGt is the amount of IDG that got credited to your wallet in its lifetime.


So basically, you will not earn any dividends if you have no IDG left in your wallet. This is to prevent affiliates from dumping their coins and just wait for their weekly dividends. The more IDG you transfer out of your wallet, the lesser your income share will be. And the % will not be the same again even if you add more IDG to your wallet, because the lifetime IDG that got credited to your wallet will be counted.


Profit Share Maintenance


In order to keep earning weekly dividends, Silver and Gold affiliates need to repurchase at least one (1) Silver package per 350 shares you own every month. So that you qualify for the profit sharing on the succeeding month.


Every Silver repurchase will give you 1 additional Shares. Gold repurchase will give you 11 additional Shares.


Another alternative from repurchasing Silver package is to invite at least 2 Silver affiliates per month. You will not earn additional Shares from repurchases of your personal referrals.



Essential Elements On Your Dashboard



Essential elements to understand in the Account Balances and Profit Sharing Program section of your dashboard.


The Qualified Shares over Profit Shares shows how many of your shares qualify for the current month's weekly dividends. Every 1 Silver repurchase per month qualifies 300 shares of your overall Profit Shares.


Silver Repurchase shows the number of Silver and Gold repurchases you made in the current month. 1 Gold is equivalent to 11 Silver.


Indigen Gas Level is the percentage amount of IDG left in your web wallet after deducting all outgoing transactions from the total incoming transactions. So let's say you have originally 100 IDG credited to your wallet, then you sent 20 IDG to another wallet. Your remaining IDG will give you 80% gas level.

The only way to refuel your Gas Level is if you purchase new Silver or Gold packages. If you buy IDG from IDGx and send those to from IDGx to your Indigen web wallet, your gas level will not be affected.


Global Qualified Shares is the sum of all Qualified Shares of all affiliates.

If some affiliates did not qualify or maintain their shares in the previous month, the Global Profit Shares will be reduced in the current month, therefore the bonus amount per qualified share will increase.


Your Weekly Dividends is calculated as follows: ((GPF / GQS) x Your QS) x Gas Level.


It's like this: our profit sharing program is your engine, and your Indigen coin is your fuel. If you dispose all of your coins, you will run out of gas, therefore your engine will no longer work. The only way to refuel is to repurchase new packages. But you will no longer reach 100% Gas Level ever again, because the amount of coins you already sent out will always be factored in.


Affiliate Program Benefits


These are the primary benefits when you join our Affiliate Program rather than simply buying IDG from the exchange:

  • To keep a continuous demand for IDG therefore ensuring a continuous increase in value of IDG.

  • To give affiliates additional income while waiting for the price of IDG to increase.

  • Earn from the net revenue of Indigen, IDGx and our Blockchain services.

Other Sources of Income


IDGx will keep a steady flow of income through our coin listing and maintenance services. We will also provide blockchain development services therefore allowing us to generate additional revenues besides our Affiliate Program. And later, we will also setup our own Bitcoin and altcoin mining facility wherein all affiliates will receive portion of the mining rewards as added bonuses or privileges.


Stay tuned for more awesome updates!


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