Indigen Enters The Crypto Marketplace

April 8, 2018

Today, 8th of April in the year 2018, Indigen officially becomes an “altcoin” or alternative cryptocurrency to Bitcoin, and joins the world of Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero and all the rest of mineable cryptocurrencies in the coin marketplace. Alongside with the launch of Indigen Exchange (IDGx), Indigen (IDG) is now integrated with CoinCodex-- a cryptocurrency market coverage with real time coin prices, charts and market cap.



Truly this is the day that Indigen writes its own page in the history book of blockchain technology which Bitcoin started only few years ago. This “book” may be a thousand pages long already, but the technology is still in its infancy, and I am so proud to say that Indigen has achieved what a few have done in a time when blockchain is just rising as a new and disruptive technology.


To mark this momentous day, we are launching our new Affiliate Program on a global scale-- a program that empowers our Indigen coin holders to earn shares from the revenue of Indigen Exchange, and more.


The power of Indigen lies in the solidity of its community, therefore in return, Indigen takes everyone with it in this exciting and wonderful journey that we are about to embark on. As firm and early believers in the potentials of Indigen, our affiliates will be the one to generously benefit from the future revenues that Indigen will generate, and from the future successes that we will accomplish, together.


Therefore, in celebration of our global launches, we will be introducing new promotional offers, and will be giving our affiliates additional perks and incentives that will push our objectives further across the globe: our goal is to make Indigen known in all of its four corners.


Bitcoin is the king, altcoins are its soldiers.


Wherever the king goes, its soldiers go with it. Given the current dip in the Bitcoin price, this is a wonderful opportunity for Indigen to ride along with Bitcoin when its price starts to recover. And as predicted before the end of 2018, Bitcoin’s price could triple, and so will Indigen’s price go along with it.


So this is again an opportunity for Indigen to set its foothold in a place where the king of crypto is about to take another flight to the moon.


Realizing The Vision of Indigen


The vision of Indigen is to become a proponent in improving the lives of many poor indigenous people. And the only way to realize that vision is when our community begins to understand our mission.


Our vision is to improve people’s lives especially of the indigenous population; our mission is to reach out to as many indigenous groups as possible. And in the process of reaching out to them, it will require huge funding. But instead of depending on external help or governmental aid, we developed our own cryptocurrency so that when its price begins to rise, not only we can support our mission independently, we can also help our donors gain back their donations through their purchases of Indigen coins, by becoming an affiliate of Indigen.


Therefore, our investors (or donors in a way), when they join our affiliate program, they hit two birds with one stone: first, they help us accomplish our mission through our outreach programs; and second, they can earn back their donations and could make a good amount of returns, if the price of Indigen coin increases.


I have so much more to say, but I am confined by the limits of a person’s mind to maintain a focused attention on a given topic, therefore I leave you for now with these fresh ideas in mind as I have written above.


In the meantime, let us enjoy this milestone which Indigen is commemorating on this very day. Cheers to more successes! May the Good Lord provide us with more accomplishments towards the achievement of our ultimate mission for our poor brothers and sisters.


Thank you all for your undying support. May you be blessed even more so you become a blessing for others as well.


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