Carving Smiles on the Faces of the Igorot Children

May 24, 2018

This article is a continuation of my previous blog when we had an ocular visit to Banaue, Ifugao and met with the teachers who handle a day care center within the Gohang Elementary School.


Then on May 19, we held our very first outreach program in Banaue, and we were able to cater at least 5 day care centers, among which include the children from Barangay Gohang and Barangay Viewpoint.


We conducted our program in a makeshift Barangay Hall and Healthcare Center because the original hall was under renovation.


We handed out school supplies, raincoats, educational toys for the teachers that they can use at school and other gift items from various donors.


It was a simple but memorable program, attended by the teachers and the Barangay Captain. I personally had a short talk intended for the parents and teachers. 



There are over 20 day care centers in Banaue alone, not including other neighboring towns, and we were able to cater only 5 of them. There are more children needing assistance such as these and we couldn't handle them all for now. That is why all my heartfelt thanks and gratitude goes to all our Indigen Affiliates, especially to all the donors who gave however they can, to make our program a reality.


We plan to return to Banaue and hopefully extend our help to more children. And we will be needing all the assistance from you, however small. Remember this: the smallest amount you give can carve the biggest smile among these poor little indigenous children. So the help you provide is not measured by the quantity of your gift, but by the size of the smiles on the faces of these children.


Thanks again to all of you who made this possible, especially to Team PHI for your patience and hard work. Surely your efforts are rewarded by the happiness you brought to these children and to their parents and teachers.


Til our next outreach!




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