Reaching Out To More Igorot Children

June 11, 2018

We were recently invited by Kagawad Berlinda of Barangay Viewpoint, Ifugao to visit the town of Hingyon, and in that town, she said there are two day care centers who could also benefit from our advocacy.


Since the schools are about to open, we went immediately to the said place to catch up with the start of the school year and brought with us school supplies and rain coats for more than 50 students.


We were brought to a small barangay called Mompolia where we gathered the children and gave out our gifts. Although it was just a small group and the program was short and simple, the trip was worth the time especially when the children sang and performed a native dance for us. It was a heart-warming experience to see these little children showed their appreciation to our gifts through their song and dance performance.


Hingyon is a more laid-back town than Banaue in Ifugao. It is 30-minutes drive from Banaue, and Barangay Mompolia is another 30 minutes drive from the main road. The path going to Mompolia is narrow and steep, but good thing the road is all cemented. 


When we get there, we were greeted by the school teachers, some elders and the wife of the barangay captain. Since it was already late in the afternoon, we immediately started our program. 


After the program, we had the chance to sit down with the teachers and the rest of the elders and discussed the real purpose of Indigen and found out also the challenges that their community faces, especially these little children. We had a great conversation with the town's folks and we were able to find out some of their basic problems and the needs of the children.


We were also invited to visit next time few more day care centers, one of which is about 3 hours hike from the place we were at, and no vehicle can pass since there is still no road built to and from that place. And since it is always my desire to see in person the situations that these poor native people are in, I will definitely take this into consideration. And so our next agenda will be to bring gifts to more children in this town, to visit the remote barangay mentioned above, and to cherish our next adventure.


There is nothing more fulfilling than to bring happiness to the poor indigenous people and see the big smiles on their faces, no matter how difficult the process is. With the support of everyone especially from you, my dear Indigenean, there is no difficult task that can not be accomplished.


So thank you once again for your support in our mission and our advocacy.




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