Revisiting Hingyon, Ifugao

August 16, 2018

This is the third time we conducted an outreach program in Ifugao, and the second time in the town of Hingyon, barangay Mompolia. My gratitude goes to all my volunteer Indigeneans and the town officials who are always accommodating to us. Special thanks goes to the management  and staff of PSG Global Solutions through our partner Inidigean, Mr. Roque Casabal, for the school supplies donated by the group. With your donations and assistance, you have just carved many smiles from the poor indigenous children and their parents whom we have once again reached out to.


For this outreach, our real objective was supposedly to visit a remote village, which was around 3-4 hour hike, and visit a school there to give our donations to. Unfortunately, it had been raining for days due to a tropical storm that hit northern Philippines, and Ifugao was partly affected. So the elders who were supposed to accompany us, convinced us not to go because the track was too slippery and too difficult for beginners like us.


So we decided to conduct a simple and quick program instead in Mompolia, when some of the parents and the representatives of the school arrived in the barangay hall. We gave out school supplies, raincoats and footwear for the children.


After the program, we had the chance to talk to the Barangay Captain and discuss with him our ultimate mission why we want to help his barangay and hopefully come up with a livelihood project to make use of their existing resources.


All went well, and the discussion went smoothly even though Tagalog is not their main language, we were still able to project our mission and they gladly accepted our proposals.


Definitely we are going back again to this small laid back town, and visit the village I’ve been wanting to see, once the weather will be more friendlier than before. 




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